Historical Treaties of Southeast Asia


Guest researcher program

The program welcomes both junior and senior scholars as guest researchers at the Linnaeus University campus in Växjö, Sweden. Each semester the program receives one or two guest researchers for a period of between two and six weeks, during which they have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with the project's researcher.

Masters students

Masters students in history or closely related disciplines who wish to write their MA thesis about treaties and treaty-making in colonial Southeast Asia are welcome to contact one of the team members. Students at the universities to which the program's researchers belong (Linnaeus University, Lund University, Stockholm University, University of the Philippines at Diliman and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are particularly encouraged to consider writing the thesis on a topic linked to the research program.

Linguistic and archival expertise

The program's research is based on extensive archival research comprising many historical documents written in different Asian and European languages. If you have particular skills in reading such documents, please get in touch!

At the moment we are in particular looking to collaborate with scholars, archivists or students, based anywhere in the world, who are able to read historical documents in Jawi, Javanese and Tausug.


The research cluster Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at Linnaeus University has announced 2-4 short-term positions (up to three months) during the autumn for the purpose of developing a research project idea into a full application. For more information, see the university's staff page

Any future vacancies will be announced on the program's website.

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